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What We Do

The objective of Club Lavey is to support and develop Gaelic Games in our local area. Since the formation of our club over 80 years ago, our club members have generously committed their time and energy to provide these sporting facilities for our community. In recent years, Club Lavey has been at the forefront in the drive to provide state of the art facilities which are available for school, community and parish events.

Club Lavey provides:

  • Coaching for 500 youngsters in the area.
  • Outdoor Activities, encouraging a positive healthy lifestyle and an opportunity to develop a social network of friends.
  • Facilities which are available for local school, community and parish events.
  • An identity, a sense of belonging to a community, a team, a family.
  • Sports facilities for all regardless of ability or disability.
  • Arts and Culture facilities for all in association with the Termoneeny Community Group.
  • Most importantly, a positive environment and a healthy lifestyle for the youth of our community – which means that you, their parents can enjoy “peace of mind”.
  • Automatic entry to Club Lavey Draw with prizes of up to £1000 per quarter.

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