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St Mungos Luganulk

Coming soon to the Lavey Termoneeny Centre, the new comedy show from Grimes & McKee – St Mungos Luganulk…followed by The Idyllic Dolls.

A night not to be missed.

Tickets £15 each available from any Senior Footballer/Hurler now.

Friday 30th January 8.15pm sharp

Rooted to the bottom of Division 4, without a win in six and a half years, St Mungo’s GAC are officially the worst Gaelic Football team in Ireland. Nobody’s buying the weekly lotto tickets, nobody’s coming to the games anymore, and it’s getting harder and harder to find fifteen able-bodied men to pull on a jersey and represent their parish.

When they’re drawn against their near neighbours and vicious rivals St Mungo’s fluke a one point win, in the ninth minute of injury time.

So begins an impossible journey around the B-roads and hamlets of Ireland; their resolve tested by mountainy savages, savagey midges and endless platters of tray-bakes and sandwiches. Based on a true-ish story, come and see how the good people of Luganulk learnt to love their football team again. A comedy from Grimes & McKee

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