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Gym Extension Now Open!

The extension to our gym is now open! The new extension includes a spacious free weights area and several punch bags.  These valuable pieces of equipment can deliver amazing benefits; improving aerobic fitness, building power and muscle, improving coordination and core stability and decreasing stress!  In addition, this new free weight and boxing area has allowed for additional space for new cardio machines in the main gym.

If you haven’t done so already, please contact the Lavey Termoneeny Centre (028 7964 3202) to book your induction today! 

Remember; our fitness suite is fully inclusive; it caters for people of all ages and abilities and is IFI accredited.  Also, Our Sports Development Officer & on-site gym instructor will be available at all times and personal training plans are available- FREE of charge– to meet your needs whether it be weight loss, weight gain, injury recovery or a fitness plan.

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