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COVID-19: Lavey return to play measures

Following the appointment of Dr Ronan Kehoe to help spearhead the response of Erin’s Own Lavey to the GAA Return to Play pathway, the club confirms the following has taken place:

  1. Appointed COVID supervisors responsible for ensuring COVID protocols, collating health questionnaires and cleaning and sanitising facilities
  2. The club will ensure necessary social distancing, hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette. Signage will be provided to inform members
  3. Adult players and parents/ guardians of underage players will be required to complete the online health questionnaire (once prior to their return with a subsequent declaration prior to each weekly training)
  4. Personal equipment ( water bottles) will not be shared. Other equipment can be shared but must be washed / sanitised at the beginning and end of training and games
  5. Teams will return to training and games in a staged manner
  6. Parents / Guardians will be responsible for dropping underage players to and from training

The Covid Health Questionnaire each person participating in Gaelic Games must complete prior to the first occasion that they return to their club is now available.

Forms can be accessed by visiting the URL

Each person participating in Gaelic Games must also re-confirm that their Health Status hasn’t changed on each subsequent occasion that they participate.

Parents/Guardians can submit forms on behalf of their dependents and forms can also be submitted on behalf of persons who may struggle with completing the electronic form themselves.

COVID Supervisors in clubs can verify that individual members of their teams/panels have submitted forms and are permitted to participate.

They do not have access to view the specific information provided via the Health Questionnaire, they will simply be able to see that the questionnaire has been submitted. Personal Information contained on the Health Questionnaires is stored for a maximum period of three weeks.

Go HERE for information on how to fill out the Covid Health Questionnaire.

All Covid Supervisors/Club Officers, Players/Team Personnel, and the Parents/Guardians of Underage Players must also complete the GAA’s Covid-19 Club Education eLearning Module.

Go HERE to access the GAA’s Covid-19 Club Education eLearning Module

Go HERE to access the GAA’s policy on dealing with positive symptomology

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